Vanishing Pints are will next appear Friday, April 18th
at the newly reopened Fieldbrook Market. 7 - 9pm

picture of band members around drum set

Vanishing Pints

take the gentler, folkier side of Irish music, run it through a filter of fluctuating attitudes and fermented beverages, and unbottle music perfect for a mishmash of merriment. With an unpolished and irreverant approach, the Pints use their decades of musical experience to emphasize malted exuberance and hopped up revelry. This is a celebration of bacchanalian virtues and fellowship of civilized debauchery. So basically, come, drink, be rowdy and irreverant, curse, dance with wild abandon, but don't be an asshole, or we'll throw your sorry self out.

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Brewers of bedlam:

  • Jeff Kelley: Vocals, Mandolin, Banjo, Guitars, Hops, Boiling
  • Leslie Quinn: Vocals, Kazoo, Interjections, Thumbing, Fermenting
  • Norman Bradford: Bass, Vocals, Malting
  • Marla Joy: Percussion, Mashing
  • Chris Parreira: Guitar, Soundboard, Taste Testing

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